The Sunrisers Drum and Bugle Corps

2019 – Into the Deep Blue


2019: “Into the Deep Blue”

Show Repertoire includes:

Stephen Melillo – A Walk on Water

Robert W. Smith – Songs of Sailor and Sea

Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge over Troubled Water

Jim Casella – Cyclone

Richard Rodgers – Victory at Sea

This nautical journey starts as we arrive at the port. The mood is set as we see things like docks, a ship, nautical pilings and barrels and hear things like boat whistles, bells and the rustling of waves. The soothing vocals to “A Walk on the Water” is sung in the distance as we prepare to “Depart the Port.” A duet begins out on the deck of our ship as we are about to take on the open waters. “Songs of Sailor and Sea” convey the excitement, wonder and awe that is the Deep Blue. Our journey has begun as our ship heads “Out to Sea.”

As we cruise the open waters in the “Calm Before the Storm,” we are reminded of the beauty and tranquility of the Deep Blue. Solos and Duets are heard, followed by a harmonic and impactful climax of “Bridge over Troubled Water” that sets the mood for the smooth and silky flow of the sea.

The mood begins to change — here’s “The Storm!” Trouble lies ahead and it appears to be quite dangerous. Heavy rains, wind, thunder, and waves crashing are heard and the power of the Deep Blue is on full display. This storm is represented by Casella’s, “Cyclone” with flowing rhythms, syncopated accents and chromaticism. This storm is one that will be part of the lore of the sea for generations to come as the wind, rain, and waves have completely overtaken our ship! Passengers in our front ensemble are trapped in a whirlpool, churning around their mallet instruments like the unpredictable flow of the waters! Chaos and fear have replaced the excitement and wonder of our journey as passengers fight to survive.

Suddenly, the storm dissipates and on the horizon a glimpse of hope can be seen — the rising of the sun. Clear skies and seas lie ahead! The ship is abound with excitement and eagerness as we prepare for our “Journey Home.” The triumphant fanfare of “Victory at Sea” represents our joyous homecoming. A jubilant sunrise is a fitting end to this epic adventure, as all of have returned home safe from our journey “Into the Deep Blue.”


2018: “OutsideIn” – A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics (from A Beautiful Mind), Always On My Mind, Fly to Paradise, On My Mind, Dance of Vengeance (from Medea

2017: “Mirage” – Festival of Light, Caravan, Dance Bacchanal from Samson and Delilah

2016: “House of Cards” – May Be A Price To Pay, Tempered Steel, Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend, Sparkling Diamonds, In The Spring When Kings Go Off To War

2015: “Come Fly With Me” – El Camino Real, Cavalleria Rusticana, Jai Ho (from Slumdog Millionaire), Marseilles

2014: “1917: The Rise and Fall” – Procession of the Nobles, Comedian’s Gallop, Fire of Eternal Glory, Infernal Dance (from Firebird Suite), Finale (from Firebird Suite)

2013: “A Painter’s Canvas” – repertoire not available

2012: “Carmen” – Overture, La Habanera, Intermezzo, Toreador (all from Carmen)

2011: “Les Miserables” – I Dreamed A Dream, On My Own, Attack on Rue Plumet, One Day More

2010: “Africa” – Africa Ceremony, Song & Ritual, Shadowlands, The Stampede

2009: “Homage: Three Tapestries” – Movement I-Regnum, Movement II-Sacra, Movement III-Proelium

2008: “Man of La Mancha” – Man of La Mancha, Dulcinea, The Impossible Dream

2007: “Cirque du Soleil Se Levant” – Atmadja (from Quidam), Distorted (from La Nouba), Quidam/Seisouso/Urban, Ninkou Latora/Incantation

2006: “A Touch of Class” – Pagliacci, Clair de Lune, Bolero, Nessun Dorma

2005: “The Tell-Tale Heart”

2004: “Something Old, Something New, Something Orange, Something Blue” – Where’s Teddy, Classical Gas, Legend of the One Eyed Sailor

2003: “Celtic Sun” – Fanfare, Tomorrow Is My Dancing Day, Highland Cathedral, Lord of the Dance

2001: “Sunstorm” – Festive Overture, Meadowland, Romance (from Lt. Kije Suite), Dance of the Tumblers

2000: “A Copeland Centennial Celebration” – Fanfare for the Common Man, 3rd Symphony, Lincoln Portrait Chorale, Appalachian Spring, Simple Gifts

1999: “An American Celebration” – American Salute, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Shenandoah, Stars and Stripes Forever

1998: “Russian Sketches” – Festive Overture, Romance (from Lt. Kije Suite), Comedian’s Gallop, Russian Sailor’s Dance (from Red Poppy)

1997: “Spiritual Hymns & Dances, David Holsinger” – On An American Spiritual, Havendance, On A Hymnsong of Phillip Bliss, Nilesdance, On A Southern Hymnsong

1996: “Les Miserables” – Work Song, At The End of the Day, On My Own, Plumet Attack, One Day More

1995: “New World Symphony”

1994: Procession of the Nobles, Send in the Clowns, Malaga, ET & Me, Finale (from ET, The Extra Terrestrial)

1993: Your Are the Sunshine of My Life, Sassy Samba, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

1992: Life Raft Earth, Adventures on Earth (from E.T., The Extra Terrestrial), Mars (from The Planets), Throne Room (from Star Wars), Finale (from Star Wars)

1991: Toccata & Fugue in D Minor, Ave Maria, Jim’s New Life (from Empire of the Sun), Tonight (from West Side Story)

1990: Moorside March (from A Moorside Suite), Firebird Suite

1989: Savannah River Holiday, Rhapsody in Blue

1988: Savannah River Holiday, Concerto in F, An American in Paris

1987: Adventures on Earth (from E.T., the Extra Terrestrial), Mercury, and Jupiter (from the Planets)

1986: “Fiddler on the Roof” – Prologue/Tradition, Sabbath Prayer, To Life, Sunrise/Sunset, Chava, Wedding Celebration

1985: Adventures on Earth (from E.T., The Extra Terrestrial), Niner Two, Grace/Power Suite, Theme from E.T.

1984: Meadowland, Niner Two, Samba, Tiger of San Pedro

1983: Meadowland, Alexander’s Ragtime Band, Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor, Peasant Dance, Send in the Clowns, Come Follow the Band (from Barnum)

1982: God Save the Queen, English Suite for Military Band, Barnum’s Revenge, Tiger of San Pedro, Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor, Send in the Clowns, Come Follow the Band (from Barnum)

1981: Come Follow the Band (from Barnum), Late in the Evening, Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor, Barnum’s Revenge, Send in the Clowns, Thunder and Blazes

1980: Crown Imperial, Alone (from Born to Sing), Central Park, Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (from Wizard of Oz), Send in the Clowns, The Joker

1979: Crown Imperial, Mama-Llaga, Malaga, Medley (from The Wiz), Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (from Wizard of Oz), Superman Theme (from Superman, The Movie)

1978: English Folk Song Suite, Malaga, Farandole (from L’Arlesienne), Evergreen (from A Star is Born)

1977: English Folk Song Suite, Spain, Ol’ Man River (from Showboat), Eli’s Coming, Dance of the Wind-up Toy, Evergreen (from A Star is Born)

1976: Procession of the Nobles, Sabre Dance (from Gayne Ballet), Spain, Ol’ Man River (from Showboat), Sing Sing Sing, Dance of the Wind-up Toy, Greensleeves, Musical Salute to Our Nation’s 200th Birthday

1975: Sing Sing Sing, And The Angels Sing, Porgy and Bess, The Joker, Sunrise Fanfare

1974: Repertoire not available

1973: Procession of the Nobles, Great Gate of Kiev (from Pictures at an Exhibition), Chester, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Tears On My Pillow, A Little Help From My Friends, Sweet Caroline, Hi-De-Ho (That Old Sweet Roll), Killing Me Softly With His Song

1972: Repertoire not available

1971: Ritual Fire Dance, Abraham Martin & John, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Anything You Can Do (from Annie Get Your Gun), Can-Can

1970: Procession of the Nobles, Blue Rondo A La Turk, Ritual Fire Dance, Man of La Mancha

1969: Great Gate of Kiev (from Pictures at an Exhibition), Procession of the Nobles, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Blue Rondo A La Turk, Ritual Fire Dance, An American in Paris, Aquarius (from Hair), Scarborough Fair

1968: Conquest (from Captain From Castile), When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Goin’ Out of My Head, Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You, An American in Paris, The Joker, Dulcinea (from Man of La Mancha), The World is Waiting for the Sunrise

1967: My Mammy, Alabamy Bound, Swannee

1966: Nothing Can Stop Us Now, Orange Colored Sky, American Salute, America the Beautiful, Tropical Merengue, On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe, Chattanooga Choo Choo, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, The Joker, Rockabye Your Baby

1965: West Side Story, Lord’s Prayer, Sing Sing Sing, Old McDonald Had a Farm, Ballin’ the Jack (from Me and My Gal), Goldfinger

1964: Ride Through the Night (from Subways are for Sleeping), Mama Inez, Lord’s Prayer, Clair de Lune, Sing Sing Sing, Ballin’ the Jack (from Me and My Gal), It’s a Pity to Say Goodnight

1963: French National March, Lord’s Prayer, Clair de Lune, Sing Sing Sing, Domino, Ballin’ the Jack (from Me and My Gal), It’s a Pity to Say Goodnight

1962: Gigi, Theme from Can-Can, Mademoiselle de Paree, C’est Magnifique (from Can-Can), 4, La Marseillaise, My Buddy, Clair de Lune, The Continental, Domo, Take Care, Fanfare (from Gigi)

1961: Repertoire not available

1960: Varsity Drag, Whispering, I’m Just Wild About Harry, Stouthearted Men (from New Moon), Cecilia, Honeysuckle Rose, The Charleston, Ma-He’s Makin’ Eyes at Me, Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye

1959: Repertoire not available

1958: Repertoire not available

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