Tuition and Fundraising

What tuition covers?

There is an $850 tuition fee that can be paid in installments from the first rehearsal to until July 1st. It is recommended to bring approximately $50 before each rehearsal camp weekend to stay on track. You can also pay online by clicking on the tuition button on our website at . Tuition pays for all instruction, uniforms (except shoes and gloves), instruments, guard equipment, judged competition shows at stadiums throughout the east coast, transportation to shows by motor coach, lunch meals on show days and housing and most meals for the 4 day championships weekend during Labor Day.

We recommend that all members bring at least $50 to the next camp so that one is able to stay on track paying tuition . You should know that the Sunrisers is one of the least expensive corps to be a member of.  Many corps charge a camp fee from $50 to $150 on top of tuition fees.  We will have MANY opportunities to greatly reduce your tuition by fundraising. Also, at this camp, you will have an opportunity to pick up candy bar boxes to sell where you will earn $1 towards your tuition for each candy bar sold. There are 30 candy bars/ box, so each box sold takes $30 off of your tuition payments! Some members have paid off 100% of their tuition by coming to camp by paying with fundraising credit.


If you already registered for the open house that was held in November, we already have your information. For others who have never registered to join the Sunrisers,  please go to to sign up.

We have a lot planned for this season and are doing everything possible to make sure this is one of the most exciting and successful seasons in modern Sunrisers history. We look forward to seeing you!


Make a Donation!

Dear Sunrisers Alumni, Family, and Friends,

We need your support more than ever!

No donation is too small…we truly will be grateful for your generosity in helping us keep our legacy alive! The team at the Sunrisers is trying their hardest to make sure The Sun will rise….even brighter than ever.

I hope that you can help us by making a donation that will ensure our programs will operate at their peak in helping our members reach their fullest potential.

We are  a recognized 501c3 not for  profit arts education organization.