$65 for 65 Fundraiser

Announcing our Anniversary Fundraiser…$65 for 65! That’s only one dollar for every year the corps has existed. And as a thank you for your generosity, you will receive the 2019 Tour T-shirt shipped directly to your address, free of charge! This is an exclusive opportunity to obtain a tour t-shirt prior to July. Please click the below link to make your $65 for 65 donation to help support the Sunrisers.

$65 for 65 Donors List – Thank you!


David Abrams

Lorraine Andrews

Paul Antaki

Gail DeAngelis-Balls

Matthew Balls

Cathy Beaumont

Paul Beaumont

Joseph Boroden

Steve Buglino

John Clougher

Allan DeSantis

Roger Donna

James Downey

Dave Franceschina

Peter Franceschina

Pauline Giorlando

Nancy Goldstein

Bill Jenkins

Carl Johnson

Betty Kaer

Thomas Martin

Patrick Patterson

Christopher Perdikos

Mary Beth Perdikos

Frank Ponzo

Daniel Reuther

Patricia Schneider

Mark Style

Shannon Ticali

Jen Tower

Joseph Verlezza

Lawrence Visconti

James Wellinghoff

Tony White

Paul Williamson

Karen Winski